Tying the fruit rods in the vineyard.

The greening plantet in October 2018.

Closeup of the different greening plants.


Broken vines are removed from the vineyard.

For the young vine a plant hole is dug.

The young vine is being set.

Stammaustriebe (budding from tribes) be removed by hand.

Today, while preparing firewood in the forest.

Today it was so windy in the vineyard, that we had to attach the hat with the tying cord.

winter vine cut in vineyard


Interior with bar.

During the "open cellar door".

Mowing the vegetation, which was cultivated in the previous year.

Mulching in the vineyard.

Compost is applied.

Broken vines are replaced by new ones.

A plant hole is dug.

The young vine is being set.

The vine is set.

Straw for a Frostfire has been deployed and thankfully not needed.

Spade rehearsal in the vineyard on 1 April.

Spade sample. A cube is stung from the ground and dropped from about 1 m height to the ground. The cube disintegrates. Then the soil is crumbly, well rooted and thus rich in living things.

An earthworm emerges from the crumbled cube.

Bioweingut Hörmann Reben setzenKaputte Pfähle werden im Weingarten getauscht. Dazu wird ein Loch in den Boden gegraben und der neue Pfahl in die Erde gesetzt.

The compost heap is now doused with EM (Effective Microorganisms) so that the microorganisms can still do a good job before being applied in 4 weeks.

In the vineyards now broken piles are exchanged, wires stretched and disused vines collected.

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